Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nikki Inspire[s]

Ditulis oleh Utami Artha Puri

Nikki inspires..

With the warmth of her world wide famous sweet sunny smiles..

Nikki inspires..

With the comfort that people still remember when she simply said "Hi" to us..

Nikki inspires..

with the strength she showed when she dared to speak up to someone crazy annoying like the boys..

Nikki inspires..

with the fact that she really respected the art of teamwork when we were working on a paper at the very same class..

Nikki inspires..

with a slice of dream that she shared it with me at the moment that I never thought it would be our very last 10 minutes..

Nikki inspires..

with her decision to keep smiling and keep going in everysingle kind of situations..

Nikki inspires..

With the way she tried to do the best for her parents..

So now they can't miss a day without being so excited to talk everything funny about her that definately stay lingers..

Nikki inspires..

By her presence, life taught me well..

There was someone so adoreable..

That even life just cannot keep her away from our mind forever..

Nikki inspire..

She still always find her own way somehow to encourage me..

It felt like she said never choose to give up, no matter how hard the world's been trying to stand in our way..

The way she lived her life did not only inspire me once..

She does stay here to keep inspire..

1 comment:

  1. Mbak Rina, makasih utk postingnya..
    Aku waktu itu cukup buru2 menulis puisi ini..
    Jadi aku revisi sedikit utk dipost di blogku..
    Kalo ingin membaca versi revisinya, bisa dilihat disini ya mbak..
    Aku sng bs follow cerita2 tentang Nikki dari blog ini..
    Makasih mbak..slm utk ibu & bapak..